Puji Wantah Budiman
(Tutor and Contributor)

Indonesian Citizen

He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Universitas Indonesia (UI). He has experience as a Speaker for his undergraduate thesis in National University of Singapore at The 6th International Meeting on Advanced Thermofluids in 2013.

He has more than 5 years of experience in Teaching English to Adults especially Grammar and Speaking and got a score of 560 for his ITP TOEFL. His major expertise is in the area of grammar, speaking and English for Business.

He has been using English on a day-to-day basis in international business settings. He previously worked for a Belgian Company, an Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise and for a Japanese Energy Company in the fields of Infrastructure Projects Development in Energy Sector. Today, He devotes himself as a young Entrepreneur

Lavinia Disa Winona Araminta

Indonesian Citizen.

She earned a Master degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Auckland and a Bachelor in English Literature from Universitas Indonesia (UI).

Conferences She spoke at include Asia Regional Open Courseware Conference in Bangkok (2013), TEFLIN International Conference in Solo (2014), ALANZ Symposium in Palmerston North, (2016) and Asia TEFL & TEFLIN International Conference in Jogja (2017)

She has more than 3 years of experience in Teaching English to Adults and got a score of 570 for her ITP TOEFL and a score of 7.5 for her IELTS Academic.

She has completed a number of research projects on English teaching and language subjects. She has been using English on day-to-day basis in international academic settings. She is currently working as a Teaching Staff and a project coordinator under the Unit of Partnesrships, Venture, and Alumni Relations at the Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia.

Elgie Septiya

Indonesian Citizen

She's currently completing her Bachelor degree specializing in English Education at State University of Medan.

She's really passionate in teaching. In her second year as the university student, she has joined two volunteer teaching programs in her community. She has also had fruitful English teaching experiences as a private teacher for teenager and adult since 2015.

In 2016, she held a membership of Toastmasters International which is focusing on Public Speaking. Then, a year later she was appointed as Vice Precident of Education of Toastmaster Club she joined in Medan.

She has been using English on day-to-day basis in academic settings. Her activities and hard work lead her to a satisfying GPA, she gained 3.80 . Her major expertise is in the area of grammar and speaking.

Lilia Kintan Prajulita

Indonesian Citizen

She graduated from Sriwijaya University, Palembang, South Sumatera, majoring the English Education Study Program.

Her passion and love for English led her to a satisfying GPA of 3.63. She got a Cumlaude title and finished her study in a really short time, 3 years 4 months and was crowned the Fastest Graduate.

She was a participant of Swriwijaya University Learning and Education - International Conference (SULE-IC) in 2016. Moreover, She got a score of 560 for her ITP TOEFL.

She has been teaching English for many students of any age; child and adult. She really loves teaching English. The feeling she feels after knowing that she has given her students new knowledge is just more than great.
Her major of expertise is in the area of grammar, listening, and speaking.

Intan Ayu Dewintya Kirana

Indonesian Citizen

Holding a bachelor's degree in French Literature of Universitas Indonesia, She gets used to working with words.

She has written and pulished several fiction works, one of the examples is Prosa Layang-Layang, published in 2012.

She joined Jeneys Student Exchange in Japan in 2008 and got a score of 567 on ITP TOEFL

As a Freelance Writer, She writes regularly on various cyberspace platforms and social media, both in English and Indonesia Language

Putri Ade Chandra

Indonesian Citizen

She earned a Bachelor degree in Public Health major from Diponegoro University. She has a lot experience in using English both for daily basis and academic use since she was very young.

She had studied in a language school in Egypt for two years during her preparatory school days and was chosen to be an English debate speaker in her secondary school days.

She has been teaching English to Children for a year and continuing to teach English to adults in term of grammar and speaking. She earned 580 on ITP TOEFL making her an expert in term of writing and speaking English especially for academic use.

Aditya Rachmat Pamungkas

Indonesian Citizen

Aditya graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta, He majored in Agricultural Engineering Study Program.
His passion for foreign language was started since his Senior High School year, He joined the Japanese Language Olympiad Team and was awarded the third place of National Japanese Speech contest held by Japan Foundation Indonesia. In 2012, He joined the Japanese Language student exchange program in Kansai Center, Osaka.

Throughout his time at University, He started developing his interest on teaching. He became a laboratory lecture co-assistant and assisted his juniors and freshmen for a few lectures. He also taught some private lessons to the Junior high school students in Yogyakarta back then.

He was active in several organization activities and chosen as one of the Agricultural Engineering Department Representatives for the Asean University Network Quality Assesment (AUN-QA). His IELTS Academic score band is 7.5

Rangga Tri Nugraha

Indonesian Citizen

He is currently reading MA in International Relations at Corvinus University of Budapest fully sponsored under the Stipendium Hungaricum programme.

He previously attended the International Islamic University Malaysia where he got the opportunity to practice English on a daily basis with his friends from 120 countries.

His passion about learning foreign languages has led him to being able to converse in 7 languages while learning another 6. It has also led him to getting overall score of 7.5 in IELTS with 9.0 in listening.

His love for teaching has brought him into traveling across Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Korea. He is always ready to help anyone to master the English language because he believes that by giving We are actually receiving

Siti Rofiah

Indonesian Citizen

She graduated in 2018 from English Department, Faculty of Letters, University of Jember. During her study, her focus was on English Literature. However She also learnt about English Literature in order to gain in-depth understanding about English in its practical usage. In 2018, She was awarded as the Best Graduate Student with the highest GPA score (3.86 out of 40) in her Faculty.

She used to be a Motivator and a Tutor EFL Students in her University. She was also a Trainer and a Adjudicator for English Debate Competitions. In around 2016/2017, She earned 1st position in a Debate Competition held by Medical Faculty, University of Jember and have participated in other several regional and national events related to English Speech and Debating Championship.

She took her ITP TOEFL Test in 2017 and got a score of 573. She is now dedicating herself to teach English for Junior High School Students and also a Tutor in Ruang English.

Ulfah Rizkyanita Sari

Indonesian Citizen

She holds a bachelor degree in English Literature from University of Trunojoyo Madura. She is now working as a TOEFL Test Tutor and Supervisor in Trunojoyo Language Center (TLC). She has traveled to many cities around Indonesia with her team to establish cooperation with universities on TOEFL Test preparation.

She got a score of 573 in ITP TOEFL. In 2016, Her thesis entitled "myths in Edgar Allan Poe's "the Raven""was published by International Language Journal Circle UNNES

Lia Irawati

Indonesian Citizen

She holds a bachelor degree in Health and Nutrition Major from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) . She has always been interested in English Learning and had used English for a number of academic settings

She got a score of 563 for her ITP TOEFL. She is now working as a Customer Service Representative at one of Nutritional Companies in Yogyakarta

Maudy Noor Fadhlia

Indonesian Citizen

Currently, she is studying Master of International Relations in Corvinus University of Budapest. She graduated from Padjadjaran University for the Bachelor program of International Relations. She is passionate about teaching and education, since she always works in these fields.

Previously, she worked as an English teacher in many different private courses in Palembang. Moreover, she worked as an English for Second Language Teacher in Turkey. She had experience of teaching English to many different levels of education, starting from kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, university students, and even adults (working students) in Turkey.

English is basically the language she uses the most after Bahasa, so she is fluent in English. She also had an English proficiency certificates, both TOEFL and IELTS. She has got a 600 TOEFL score

Mila Zuliana Shabrin

Indonesian Citizen

Holding a Bachelor degree in English Literature from Universitas Indonesia (UI) and IELTS band score of 8 out of 9, Mila has been working closely with words for some time.

She has done some translation works for an International Market Research company, has worked for an International Digital Agency company as a Content Writer, and currently is working for an Independent Local Digital Agency as a Content Specialist, handling international-level clients.

Now, as one of Ruang English tutors, she hopes her love of English, reading, and writing, can bring up her students' spirit, motivation, and belief that English is fun and easy to learn and use.

Citra Izany Yuvianti

Indonesian Citizen

Holding a Bachelor degree in English Education from University of Jember (UJ) and also scoring 560 for her TOEFL. Citra is focusing on childhood education which leads her to have the ability to take it step by step in delivering English as the material to study on. She's been active as the member of one of youth communities in Indonesia bringing the realization that as young men they need to give impact to the society in every positive acts they do.

Now, joining as one of Ruang English tutors, she wishes people will have the idea that English isn't that hard to understand since we're always taking step by step and that will start realizing how English can also be a way for them to speak their voices too broader spaces.

Suci Salwa Salsabilla

Indonesian Citizen

She graduated from Bogor Vocational School of Chemical Analyst and is currently working in Khoiru Ummah Tahfizh School Plus.

She really loves languages, both my mother language and foreign languages--currently, She is learning Arabic and Germany.

She likes writing fictions and She has won a short story competition with my fiction called "Delapan Nian Hidupku Ini", published in 2019 in a book titled "Seulas Agustus".

She has always been interested in English which led her to work hard on her English. She got a score of 800 for her TOEIC.